Blue Horse Gallery, Future Exhibitions

B.E.S.T of First Nations, November 2010

Two Hatchet Crop by Mary Bender

The B.E.S.T. of First Nations
expressions of
Beauty, Eloquence, Strength, Tenacity
  Juried Art Show

 at the Blue Horse Gallery, Bellingham, WA

 Application Deadline: Oct 8, 2010




General Information

Blue Horse Gallery is honored to participate in the promotion and preservation ofthe rich heritage of First Nations’ culture by presenting their first annual Native Art Show entitled The B.E.S.T. of First Nations, expressions of beauty, eloquence, strength, tenacity. The juried art show will take place at Blue Horse Gallery in Bellingham, Washington. The show will be open from November 3, 2010 and run through November 26, 2010. 


Art show eligibility is in compliance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 (P.L. 101-644). Under the Act, an artist must be a member of a state or federally recognized tribe or be certified as a tribal artisan by a tribe. Artists are required to send a copy of their tribal enrollment documentation, listing their enrollment number and/or tribal center phone number. If you have any questions, please contact Gallery staff.


Jury will be comprised of qualified Native artists, gallery owners and curators.

Submission Details

Artists are invited to submit up to three works for consideration. Artists submitting smaller works such as jewelry, fetishes, medicine bags, hairpieces, etc. may submit up to 10 pieces.

Work to be considered may include, but is not limited to, paintings, digital art, photography, totems, carvings, weavings, paddles, clothing, jewelry, furniture, sculpture, drums, masks, etc. in traditional and contemporary materials and styles. All works must be ready to hang or display and include all hooks, wires, loops, hangers, poles, stands or props. If specialized installation is required, artist must be in attendance or provide detailed instructions, preferably accompanied by photos.

 Digital JPEG images are required, one image per work, unless the image is divided to show two views. Images can be delivered on CD, DVD, or sent via e mail. Images should be 1240 pixels in height and width. Images submitted must be of actual completed pieces that will be available to the Gallery from October 29, 2010 through November 26, 2010. Once a work has been juried and accepted, no substitutions will be allowed. Images should be labeled with last name, first initial (dot) title of the work. Example: HughesL.VariationsOnATheme 

 Size limitations are as follows:

        Weight limit for wall mounted objects is 200 pounds.

        Free standing objects cannot exceed 500 pounds.

        D work maximum dimensions are 36”x36”. They must have painted edges or be framed in a sturdy manner and ready to hang, including wire.        

        3D work maximum dimensions are 6’x6’.                             

 Terms and Conditions
To ensure the safety of the visitors and to follow Gallery standards, all work must be “gallery ready”, meaning accompanied with secure hanging devices and stable bases.

 All artwork will be inspected for pest infestation. The Gallery has the right to refuse any infested entries.

 All work submitted will be for sale, with 50% commission to the Gallery. For this show a consignment contract will be required for the artist and Gallery.

 Artist agrees to allow digital photography of work submitted to the show for purposes of show publicity.

 The artist is responsible for freight and insurance to and from the Gallery. The Gallery is responsible for the work while on their premises.

How to Submit

Application forms may be sent via email, post, or facsimile to:

 Blue Horse Gallery, Attention: B.E.S.T. of First Nations

Contact Information:

Blue Horse Gallery

301 W. Holly St.

Bellingham, Washington, 98225 

Web Address:                                                                              

 If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Gallery.

Phone: (360) 671 – 2305

Facsimile: (360) 671 – 0147

The B.E.S.T. of First Nations

Dates To Remember

Application Deadline: October 8, 2010

Notification of acceptance begins: October 15, 2010

Work Due: October 29 – 30, 2010

Hang show: November 1, 2010

Artists’ Reception: November 3, 6pm – 9pm

Show hangs in gallery: November 3 – 26, 2010

ARTWALK: November 5, 6pm – 10pm (all artists are very welcome to attend)

Work to be removed from gallery: November 27, unless other arrangements are made with the gallery staff.


The B.E.S.T. of First Nations
expressions of

Beauty, Eloquence, Strength, Tenacity

 Applicant Information

Name ____________________________________  Primary Phone:_____________________________

E Mail Address: _________________________  Secondary Phone:______________________________

Mailing Street Address: ________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________ State:________________________   Zip:______________________

 Tribal Enrollment Information

Tribe/Nation:_______________________________   Enrollment Number:________________________

Tribal Center Phone Number:________________  Tribal Center E Mail: __________________________

Tribal Center Address:__________________________________________________________________

City:_________________________ State:______________________  Zip:________________________         

 Submission #1:

Title ____________________________________________   File Name:__________________________

Medium: ________________________________________   Year Completed:_____________________

Height: ________Width: ________Depth:_________ Weight:_________

Purchase Price: ____________

 Submission #2:

Title: ___________________________________________   File Name:__________________________

Medium: ________________________________________  Year Completed:_____________________

Height: _______ Width: ________Depth: ________Weight: _________

Purchase Price: ____________

 Names of non-Native persons assisting on these works, if applicable:


Signature: ________________________________   Date: ________/________/_______

(Your signature verifies that you are the creator of the work submitted to B.E.S.T.)

Application Deadline: October 8, 2010

Application Check List:

            □ Application form                                              □ Clearly labeled images

            □ Artist Biography                                              □ Copies of Tribal affiliation documents

            □ Artist Statement for each piece*
*In order to assist the Gallery in our goal to promote indigenous artists and to educate the public regarding the importance of Native art, please address the following question in your application: “What influenced the creation of the work that you are submitting for consideration?”


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